Maintaining a happy relationship is difficult enough, so let’s not even begin to talk about long-distance relationships. That’s a different ball game altogether.

However, you can keep the excitement going if you’re in this type of relationship.

Just because you don’t get to see each other physically every day doesn’t mean your relationship should be as cold as ice.

So with these 3 tips below, let’s show you how to keep the groove going if you’re loving each other from a distance.
1. Video chat every day: Even if for just a few minutes, having these virtual face-to-face convos daily help to bridge the wide physical gap between you. These video chats don’t have to be tailored to a specific timeline (except you’re both in different time zones). You can have the chat while preparing a meal in your kitchen, or during lunch break at work, or when you’re dressing up to go out, etc. Just make them fun and chirpy.

2. Send each other surprise gifts: Aside from this being incredibly sweet, it also shows that your partner that you are making an effort to keep the relationship happy and exciting. The gifts don’t have to be anything elaborate. Even the simplest of items can bring joy to the receiver because it’s spontaneous and thoughtful of the giver. It’s the intention that really matters.

3. Plan surprise visits: Perhaps either of you have been planning a visit for some time now, but your schedules keep clashing and making it nearly impossible for the visitation to happen. One of you needs to take the bull by the horn and just do it already. Just hop on a plane and show up like, “Ta da!” This will feel like an unplanned honeymoon – wild and fun filled all the way.

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