A Muslim cleric and leader of Jama’at Izalatul Bid’a Wa Iqamatu Sunna JIBWIS in Gombe Sheik Salisu Muhammad Gombe has stressed the need for Nigerian government to tackle security challenge bedeviling the country.

He said the killings in Sokoto, Zamfara, Plateau and other parts of the country require government attention and other security agencies.

Sheik Salisu told Bounce News in Gombe that the National leaders of JIBWIS has directed all its Mosques across the country to hold special prayer for peace, unity and security in Nigeria.

He said, “We seriously have to pray forgiveness so that peace would be restored in this country. That is if what we are going through is because of our sins.”


“But if the security challenges in this country is masterminded then the government should take immediate action of fishing-out the masterminds and ensure their prosecution.”

In his Friday sermon the chief Imam of Abubakar Sadiq Masjid in Tumfure Gombe state, Malam Abdulmumin Ibrahim called on Muslims and Nigerians to pray over killings of innocent lives in the country.

He also called for repentance and abstaining from sinning, as that alone can restore peace back in the land.

“We cannot be sinning in the land and expect peace to reign.”

“God has several ways of punishing us for our sins and these killings could be one of them, we serious have to take our God serious and seek for his forgiveness,” he said.

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