Every time something goes wrong in Nigeria, the government sets up a committee to “look into” the matter.

The committee sits a few times in a provided office or an expensive hotel and in some cases, make some visits for what they call on-site assessment and then present a report.

That is where it ends most times.

The Nigerian government has done it again with the setting up of a committee to look into the lingering crisis between herdsmen and farmers.

But one man that will not buy that approach is Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana, and he made it clear on Friday during a live TV show.

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“With due respect to members of the National Economic Council, I think we are chasing the shadow as a people and the government is simply parading Nigerians as a bunch of jokers.

“It is not rocket science to solve this problem. I am bothered when leaders come out to make statements that give the impression that we are out to cover up serious criminality,” he said.

What is the essence of a committee?

“A committee to do what? To find out how many people have been killed? Or to establish the fact that we have been in this problem for five years running and nobody is addressing the problem.

“In 2012, according to the global terrorism index, 1,229 people were killed. In 2014, we lost about 1,300 people.

“Benue state alone, between 2013 and 2016 – three years, lost about 1,800 people. So, this government knew this problem before it came on board. It was part of the campaign,” he said.

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He recalled that the Buhari government has constantly “and correctly” said that the solution to the incessant killings is the creation of ranches across the country.

But they have been confusing the people with their use of different conflicting words to describe the plan.

“When you ask Chief Audu Ogbe ‘what do you mean by cattle colony?’ According to him, a cattle colony will be a group of ranches. It is to confuse Nigerians.

“Why are you using colony as if you’re giving the impression, in a tensed atmosphere, that you want to colonize certain parts of the country? It’s so nonsensical.

“Government has to take Nigerians serious,” he fumed. 


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