Residents of the Northern senatorial area of Ondo State appear to have resigned to fate over the continuous harassment by normadic herdsmen in the area while the state government are obviously helpless on the attack.

Activities of herders in the area in the last few months have left a sour taste in the mouth, especially because of their offensive assault on harmless women folks.

Some women who were recently trapped by the dreaded gang in Isua -Akoko, Ondo State, gave a separate gory encounter with them on their farmland.

One of the victims, Mrs Elizabeth Adagunodo lamented how her farm was plunderd by the herdsmen. "Right before me, they uprooted my cassava to feed their animals, and they threatened to kill me if I say anything, I have to run for my life.

“All that I had worked for this year have been destroyed and it was this farm that I depended on for our upkeep and for the payment of my children’s school fees, now I am in a dilemma on what to do." she sobbed profusely as she narrated her ordeals.

But she was luckier than her counterpart who was disparaged and molested right on her bare farmland.

The victim who recounted her experience in confidence claimed that the herdsmen tied her mouth with her cloth and three of them took turn on her. 

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"I didn't see them on time, I would have made an attempt to escape. By the time, I noticed their presence, they have surrounded me and there was nothing I could do than to plead for mercy.

“But my plea fell on their deaf ear. They spoke to themselves in their language and laughed. One of them dragged me to the floor and the rest joined him in stripping me naked.

"They tied my mouth with my rapper so I won't  shout and threatened to kill me if I didn't cooperate. Three of them took turn on me at  different times and I became very weak. They thought I was dead and that was why they left me,” she said.

One of the community leaders, Mr John Babalola, however, called on the government to come to their aid, saying the activities of herdsmen have plunged the area into untold hardship.

According to a divisional police officer in Isua Akoko, Biodun Ojerinde, there has been several complaint on the activities of herdsmen in the area but those who perpetrate wicked acts among them only come around to carry out their attacks and disappear immediately.

While he assured members of the community adequate security, Ojerinde noted that efforts were in place to ensure those on the run were nabbed.

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