Benue State was on New Year’s day thrown into deep mourning.

No thanks to suspected blood thirsty herdsmen who staged two days of coordinated attacks on six communities.

The attacks left over 70 persons dead, including nine members of the state Livestock Guards, who also had their operational vehicle burnt by invaders.

The attack also left several persons with varying degrees of injuries while scores of houses and property were destroyed.

Residents of affected communities, who didn’t anticipate the attack, fled their homes for fear of being killed by the assailants.

Many residents of state have accused the All Progressives Congress led-federal government of not doing enough to nip the killings in the bud.

There are already signs that the killing are beginning to affect the changes of the APC in the state in 2019.

Below are 3 strong points that show that the APC may lose the state in 2019

Fulani herdsmen

Unfulfilled Mandate

The President rode into power on the mandate of tackling insecurity in any form when it rears its head.

The herdsmen attacks that have left scores dead spread its tentacles in Buhari's government.

If these attacks prolong with President Buhari unable to stop them, it will amount to an unfulfilled promise.

Already, Benue people have started accusing Buhari of not fulfilling his campaign promise of protecting them from the Fulani marauders.

The Catholic Bishop of Gboko Diocese, Bishop William Avenya has already spoken the minds of people.

The Holy Father said it is sad and unfortunate that after voting overwhelmingly for the current government during the 2015 general elections only for them to be rewarded with dead bodies.

“We voted for this government in 2015 with the hope that they would protect us but they gave us dead bodies as reward. Enough is enough.


The delayed response of the President is seen by many as his indirect way of approving the killing by Fulani herdsmen, who has been rated as the fourth deadliest terrorist organization in the world.

Some critics had said while Buhari was always quick to issue a statement when killings happened abroad, he had been quiet when such killings occur in Nigeria.

The Tiv Area Traditional Council (TATC) has told Buhari not to expects votes from the state in 2019.

The council, which spoke through its Legal Adviser, John Ashiekaa stated that if Buhari loves his political future, he should put a lasting solution to the killings by Fulani herdsmen

Ashiekaa said, "Of course, Buhari is a Fulani man, he has cattle. But if he loves his political future, he should tackle this matter and bring a solution once and for all because Benue state voted massively for him (in 2015); now, if he contests again (in 2019) and vote is cast, he will get zero vote from Benue State."

There are already speculations that Governor Samuel Ortom is planning to dump the APC for PDP because of the response he got from the Presidency on the matter.

Repeating the 'Jonathan Mistake'

The long silence of President Buhari has reinforced the impression that he is no better than the erstwhile President Goodluck Jonathan that also had major lapses with security.

Many are already comparing the case of the herdsmen to the kidnapped Chibok girls, where former President Jonathan initially thought it was the action of the opposition to dent the image of his administration.

He later realised the girls were truly whisked away from their college. But it was too late. Hope it won't be too late for BABA.

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