A popular native doctor whose customers are 419-ers also called 'yahoo yahoo' boys, has been found dead.

The deceased known as Lambert Osigwe met his untimely death in a popular brothel at Anara community in Imo State during sex with a prostitute known as Onyenye­chi Nwosu.

The deceased is said to be a regular customer of the prostitute. He visits her to get serviced and buys used condoms with sperm from other resident prostitutes.

On the day of the incident, the deceased was said to have visited the brothel without asking for his usual ware but only demanded to have sex on credit claiming he had no cash.

As a regular customer, Onyenyechi obliged him.

Few minutes into the sex-capade, the de­ceased started gasping for breath and eventually dies on top of the sex worker.

Out of fear and shock, the prostitute raised an alarm which attracted people who rushed to her room, only to see the unclad body of the deceased on the floor.

The hotel's management was said to accused Onyenyechi of using juju on the customer which she repeatedly denied.

Police officials were called in. Ony­inyechi was arrested and detained while the corpse has been deposited at St. Kizito Mortuary.

Investigation into the incident has begun while the result of an autopsy is being expected.