"Bolu. It's time for you and your sister to go inside and watch the other TV. What they are about to show now is not good for you".

Have you noticed how often you have to say this to your children over the past 3 years? 

Nollywood producers are no longer interested in making movies that children can watch.

The National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) has been looking back at the past year in preparation for a better 2018.

This is one of the major concerns based on the 2017 report, as presented by the Executive Director, Adedayo Thomas.

Thomas expressed concern over the paucity of the “G”- rated movies for ‘general viewing’, wondering why producers are now focused on the money.

Perhaps, checking out how well the few G-rated movies have done in the market is a clever way to understand why producers stay away from 'G'.

“The creativity of the Nigerian movie maker and scriptwriter is being challenged to address the scanty offering in this segment,” he noted.

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Asides this, Thomas said the board recorded unprecedented success in the previous year adding that it ensured that uncensored and pirated films were completely removed from the market.

According to him, the board carried out major raids in Alaba International market, known to be the hub of pirated films in Lagos.

He said that similar operations were also carried out in Edo and Kaduna States, and several markets and sales outlets in the Federal Capital Territory.

“The market value of the items seized worth millions of naira and that would serve as deterrent to prevent such illegal products from selling in the market at the expense of genuine ones.

“We are working towards taking the culprits to court very soon,” Thomas said.

He noted that the motion picture industry is not all about entertainment, but a big business that must be encouraged and protected.


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