A 22-year-old herdsman, Bello Musa, has placed more value on a cow than his brother's life.

Musa, allegedly killed his brother, Abdullahi Musa, over a missing cow in Nasarawa State.

Bello was said to have given the deceased a fatal cut on the neck during a scuffle.

It was learnt that trouble started when the brothers noticed that a cow had strayed into their herd while they were grazing their cattle in Akuwate village in the Doma Local Government Area of the state.

Bello, who narrated what led to his brother’s death, said, “Abdullahi and I took our cattle for grazing. Later, we discovered that a cow, which was not our own, had joined our herd.

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“Later, he asked me to sell it in the market, but the animal escaped while I was taking it to the market. I told Abdullahi about the development, but he accused me of selling the cow for 300,000 Naira and pocketing it".

He added: “I became very angry and we started fighting. In the course of the fight, he injured me on my right hand and I cut him with my cutlass on the neck, he was rushed to the hospital where he died".

The Nasarawa State police spokesman, Idrissu Kennedy, who confirmed the incident on Sunday, explained that the mater was still under investigation.