Getting treatment in Kogi State's hospitals has become a luxury again, as healthcare facilities shut down, as part of the protest of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) in the state.

The union is not willing to go back on its decision except their demands are met, authorities said, insisting that all healthcare facilities in  Kogi State would remain shut until all its minimum demands are met.

An Ordinary General Meeting was held on Thursday by the NMA in Lokoja, the capital of the state where the decision to shutdown was taken.

In a statement released after the meeting, the Chairman, Dr Godwin Tijani, and the Secretary, Dr Zubair Kabiru, also directed its members in FMC Lokoja, to proceed on sympathy strike on the first three days of every month.


The association said it had allowed, in its magnanimity, some of its members in FMC Lokoja to continue to offer skeletal services, despite declaring an industrial action.

It also said doctors managing the Lassa fever Centre at Kogi State Specialist Hospital Lokoja, were allowed to attend to emergency cases and private practitioners in the state rendered healthcare services to the general public without hindrance.

“The Congress believes that the Kogi Government has been given ample time and opportunity to resolve the issues at stake.

“Congress also noted the unfortunate development where some experienced medical officers were asked to proceed on compulsory retirement for no justifiable reasons,” it said.

The association said that the industrial action would be sustained until their minimum demands are met. Among them is  “the payment of the balance of 40 per cent salary arrears from August to December 2017”.

Another is the payment of 100 per cent salaries and arrears for January and February 2018, as well as the implementation of the Revised CONMESS, among others.

“Henceforth, all healthcare centres in the state should remain shut until our minimum demands are met.

“All private healthcare facilities in the state will subsequently be shut down if there is no response from the Kogi Government in the next few days.

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“Finally, NMA should not be held responsible for any consequences that may result from this action as the Kogi Government has had adequate time to avert these crises,” the statement read in part.

The NMA in Kogi on January 7, directed its members to resume a strike they suspended on June 22, 2017.