There are many things women are thankful to medical science for – one of them is the freedom to have a satisfying sexual relationship with your partner without the constant fear of unwanted pregnancy hanging over your head, because - contraceptives, yay!

With different types and brands to choose from, preventing pregnancy is now as easy as ABC. However, this blessing can also be a curse if it is misused. 

Like many other medical inventions, contraceptives are being abused due to wrong usage. Unfortunately, a lot of young ladies in Nigeria are falling victim to this practice which they believe to be harmless, especially the ‘morning after’ pills.
The most popularly abused morning after pill is Postinor 2, a brand that has become rather famous among young women due to its potency.

This contraceptive medication contains two tiny pills, one of which is to be taken within 72 hours after having unprotected sex. The second pill is then taken 12 hours after the first one. This is supposed to be an emergency drug for preventing pregnancy.

Sadly, a lot of ladies are consuming this medication several times a month, ignorant to the dangers they are exposing themselves to by doing so.

Some of the effects of misusing emergency contraceptive pills include; changes in menstrual cycle, prolonged spotting/bleeding, vomiting, fatigue, and in some cases it could lead to infertility.

Why put your health at risk in order to prevent pregnancy? Using a condom (whether male or female) is also a safe way to avoid getting pregnant and also protecting yourself from sexually transmitted diseases and infections. But if you feel condoms are not for you, then consult a doctor to prescribe some contraceptive medication for you or other devices (such as IUDs, implants, etc) that are equally great at preventing pregnancy.

Dear ladies, as much as you’re trying to enjoy yourself and have a great time, you need to remember that one wrong decision can change your life forever. Abusing contraceptives is just as bad as abusing any other drug. This has to stop.

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