It is no longer news that some major parts of Lagos state (Smart City) are under ‘refuse attack’.

It is hardly impossible to walk or drive to some areas in the city without being assaulted by heaps of refuse.

The stench oozing from these dumpsites across the city can wake the dead.

What has caught the attention of many residents of Shasha and environs is the manner in which some residents have turned the Rauf Aregebesola Primary School, Shasha to a massive dump site.

Rauf Aregbesola is the currently the governor of Osun State and the school was built when he was the Commissioner For Works in Lagos State.

The site is an eyesore and it's baffling that residents whose children probably attend the school have decided to take this path of shame not minding the health implication on their children.

Not only does the dumpsite have the tendency of causing an epidemic in the area, it is also obstructing vehicular movement.

Residents who spoke to Bounce News said it is mind-boggling that some Lagosians will choose to dump refuse in front of a primary school that some of their kids attend.

A trader, Miss Joke said the heaps of rubbish indiscriminately dumped there has made movement around the place quite unpleasant. 

She said apart from contending with the stench that comes from the waste, vehicles and pedestrians go through a lot of troubles trying to navigate the section.

“This problem of illegal dumping of refuse had been eliminated in the past but in recent months, it has resurfaced again especially since many of the PSP trucks no longer come into the community to collect refuse.

Mrs Joke Olukayode said the pupils sometimes play on the site which is very dangerous to their health. 

“I’m surprised the school authorities have allowed this to go on for a long time. Even though officials of Visionscape (The waste management company) come to clear the refuse occasionally but the demand is far bigger than supply.”

When Bounce News visited the school to find out the position of the management, they declined to comment.

They referred our correspondent to the Ministry of Environment as the schools are currently on vacation.

Will the state government fold its hands and allow an outbreak of diseases in the area?