Following Tuesday’s accident involving the only surviving son of the President, security details at the Villa are trading blames amidst fear that heads may roll.

Yusuf was reportedly racing with his friend, Bashir Gwandu on Tuesday night around 8pm when he crashed his power bike, sustaining life threatening head injuries and breaking a limb in the process.

It was gathered that the Presidency had already launched a full enquiry to unrivaled the security officials who allowed Yusuf leave the Villa at that particular night. (Is Yusuf a child?)

The investigation follows Wednesday’s visit of the President to his ailing son in the hospital.

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President Buhari, who was said to be unhappy when he saw his son in a very critical situation, scolded his security officials for allowing his son to leave home at 8pm on Tuesday for the power-bike race.

He was said to have shook his head while looking at his son and thereafter angrily reprimanded some security operatives.

It was gathered from sources that the way the President spoke at the hospital, it appears the security aides are in trouble.

Top members of his kitchen cabinet who accompanied him were said to have noticed that Buhari was visibly angry.

A full investigation into how Yusuf left the Villa with his bike on Tuesday has already commenced.

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