Amusan Joseph, may have been looking for money but ended up in handcuffs.

An Oyo State security outfit, Operation Burst arrested the 82-year-old man for allegedly abducting two female minors in Eruwa town.

The two girls aged 14 and 13, were kept by Joseph in his house for 11 days before the girls escaped.

The girls claimed that Joseph planned to use them for money ritual.

One of them said said, “We heard him calling one Prince on the phone. The old man told the prince that the items needed for the renewal of the money ritual were already in the house. The plan was that the new visitor would have sex with us at night. We escaped through the window.”

The suspect, however, said he only offered to help the girls by providing shelter for them when he found them wandering around the town.

The girls claimed that they ran away from home after their parents threatened to punish them for returning home late.