While the Egyptian sports ministry is making plans to building a museum in honour of football star, Mohammed Salah, natural science have beat them to it.

A professor has named a new species of ant after Mohammed Salah and called the new species Meranoplus Mosalahi.

The new species was discovered in Oman by Mostafa Sharaf, a professor of Ant Systematics at King Saud University who happens to be a very big fan of the Liverpool striker.

Explaining the etymology of the species name, he wrote in the journal, PeerJ:

"We dedicate this species to Mohamed Salah (Mo Salah), the Egyptian professional soccer player of the English club, Liverpool and the Egyptian national team."

Just in case you come across some ants, the M. mosalahi in question has a long head and a bi-coloured body, and they live in shaded areas with lots of small shrubs and grass.

You can see an exhibit of the ant at the World Museum in Liverpool.

See the ant below:


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