One may be tempted to believe that all the criminals in Nigeria have relocated to either the federal capital territory, Abuja or the commercial capital, Lagos.

This is because Nigeria’s seat of government, FCT, Abuja and Lagos accounted for 58,566 crime cases in 2016.

This was included crime data published by the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS and posted on its website on Tuesday.

The bureau said that the FCT reported 13,181 crime cases while Lagos State reported 45,385.

On the flipside, Katsina State and Abia State had the lowest percentage of total cases reported in 2016.

The cases were documented in categories as offences against persons, offences against property, offences against lawful authority and offence against local Acts.

A breakdown of crime cases showed that FCT reported 2,984 cases of offence against persons, 9,350 cases against property, 843 cases lawful authority and only four cases against local Acts.

Meanwhile, Lagos State reported 15, 426 cases of offence against persons; 22,885 cases of offence against property; 6, 768 cases of offence against lawful authority and 306 cases of offence against offence local Acts.

The bureau further stated that a total of 125,790 cases were reported from the 36 states in 2016.