Apart from sympathy, Harrysong has received ‘something else’ after it was announced that he suffered from depression.

Anusiobi Frank, who was one-time PR manager of Harrysong, says the singer's recent emotional outburst on Instagram is just a publicity stunt.

This comes just a day after Harysong’s former manager Kaycee Ichie Oguejiofor reacted to Harrysong's initial post in a viral Facebook saying, ''when you die, I will sit in a bar and tell sad stories of how ungrateful and disloyal you were to everyone who helped you build your dream''.

Apart from saying he did not believe Harrysong’s depression episode was real, Frank also accused Harrysong of being greedy and stingy, thereby destroying the relationships he had with people who were close to him.

“Successful people that suffered to make the Harrysong brand strong are no longer with you, where is Kayce Oguejiofor your manager back then, this man dedicated 10years of his time, money and strength for you, where is Dr Amir, Chimbalin, Ebisco, DJ Benimaun and others, this people contributed in your career and they were kicked out immediately u became bigger, even when Kayce Delgado left you he was still available to help you make your kingmaker concert strong.

''He was same guy that begged me to bring back my strength on reggae blues that made it go viral after my plan was used but still u never thought of thinking back to your mistake to apologize when you knew your problems, I will still call you a big bro but that doesn’t mean I will still call you a Good person.

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''I pray you recover and change your ways then leave the rest for God and believe, but to me I no you well and I can tell what your doing is a publicity stunt but if it's not God see you through” Frank  wrote on Facebook.

Harrysong who is believed to be undergoing therapy for his depression is yet to respond to the accusations.

See what he wrote below:

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