While they waited patiently for Harrysong to come on stage, they were not aware that he would not only entertain them.

He had a plan to bless a fan. 

It was an interesting evening for youths in Lokoja, the capital of Kogi State, and it was a moment brought to them by ActionAid Nigeria, PIBCID, NAKPOS, Kogi State government and the World Institute for Peace. 

The event tagged; #KogiTogether4Peace, promoted Nigerian's right to peace. 

It brought together artistes, comedians and content creators from different parts of Nigeria. 

Harrysong was one of the artistes that featured in the evening event held at the Indoor Sport Hall of Confluence Stadium. 

During his performance, he announced that he had a surprise for a fan and set up a dancing competition for six persons - three boys and three girls. 

They danced frantically for minutes segmented in different eviction periods while the audience, mostly youths, picked who moved to the next stage. 

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A couple of them made it to the final, but there was this particular guy that was radical with his dance. 

He had, at the beginning of the dancing competition, taken off his shirt to showcase his skinny body that contributed to why he clinched the reward. 

The young dancer could put his flexible body to good use and he won the heart of everyone, including Harrysong. 

Movie ticket

After the dancing competition, with the crowd picking the young man, Harrysong dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out 20,000 Naira, handed it to the young man to the cheering of the crowd. 

He did not win any of the mobile phones, notepads or laptops that were presented to some winners of a raffle draw, but he was for sure 20,000 Naira richer as he left the hall.

Go and learn how to dance, you never can tell when it will be your turn. 

It was the International Day of Peace and the event was held to mark it while pushing for peaceful coexistence among clans in Kogi State.

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