Harrysong now has the blessings of Five Star Music to leave the label.

The "Reggae Blues" singer was arrested the first time he tried to leave Five Star Music, but later apologised which finally got him  released and reconciled to the label.

However, the singer has released a new statement expressing his gratitude to Fivestar while announcing that he'll be relaunching his Alterplate imprint.

"I am running Alterplate now. They have given me their blessings and asked me to be free to run Alterplate. I am going to relaunch Alterplate maybe in the next two weeks, we are working towards it."

"We reached this agreement two weeks ago during a dinner (photo above).  I have great respect for them, for them to have done what they did to me to bless my company and say I'm free to go and run my Alterplate, they're good people. Both families are ok now," Harrysong confirmed.

Harrysong is generally regarded as the label's songwriter, who also has an A&R role having written Kcee's 'Limpopo' hit song, among others.

He is still however an integral part of the Fivestar family and is expected to still have some influence on the music that comes out from the E-Money/Kcee Fivestar camp.