Snail meat is nice (at least I think so) but many still believe it is too expensive.

That excuse is tenable, but very many of the people who say so have not even asked snail sellers how much they sell one.

If you are part of that category of persons, a nutritionist wants you to see the need to make snail part of your delicacy at least once in a while.

Mrs Henrietta Ugwu is the Nutrition Officer at the Enugu State Primary Healthcare Development Agency and she says snail meat helps in reducing malnutrition.

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Ugwu discussed the nutritional value that snail brings into your food with the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Enugu, highlighting that the reduction in malnutrition was because snail meat corrects iron deficiency in children and pregnant women.

The nutritionist explained that pregnant women and children whose diets contain snail would be healthy.

Ugwu said snail meat, which is also white meat, contains protein and polyunsaturated fatty acid, iron, Vitamin A, Calcium, zinc and folate.

She pointed out that it also contains healthy essential fatty acids, adding that the high-protein, low-fat content of snail meat makes it a healthy alternative food.

If there is any time you need to eat snail, it is this Harmattan season that diseases fly about, as it helps to keep your immune system strong.

Ugwu explained that snails contain non-harmful fatty acid in the body as well as protein which helps in building blocks for haemoglobin.

“Snail meat is a source of protein which is an important building block for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood in our body.

“It is low in calories and high in protein like any other animal derived protein; the protein in snail is complete which means it contains the amino acid that is expected to be derived from a diet,” she added.

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