If you are planning to travel within Nigerian this holiday season, prepare yourself for some disappointments.

The harmattan season is here and the haze could make it impossible for planes to fly.

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority is calling on air passengers to exercise restraint during adverse weather, which may hamper their travel plans in the coming days and months.

In a statement signed by NCAA’s General Manager, Public Relations, Sam Adurogboye, the regulatory agency said the advice is important due to the spate of delays and cancellations occasioned by inclement weather travelling through the nation’s airports.

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According to NCAA, “The prevailing weather condition is likely to herald a long and severe dust haze in the months ahead. During this period, air-to-ground visibility may be considerably reduced due to the dust haze.”

“In addition, aerodrome visibility may fall below the prescribed minimum due to the severe conditions. Dust haze can blot runways, the markings and airfield lightings over wide areas.

“These make visual navigation extremely difficult or impossible. Under this kind of adverse conditions, air travel is bound to suffer delays and cancellations.”

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