What has gone amiss with the presidential wing of one of Nigeria’s busiest airports, the Murtala Mohammed International Airport?

That is the question on the lips of the airports managers.

So, it has emerged that the presidential wing, which is a dedicated lounge for Nigeria’s Very Important Persons, VIPs has not been attracting guests as of late.

Activities at the presidential wing are said to have dropped drastically as many top government officials no longer travel through the area.

The presidential wing is created for top government officials including the President, Vice President, Senate President, speaker of the House of Representatives, serving governors and their deputies and past heads of state.

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A source told Punch on Saturday that the movement of VIPs around the area had dropped considerably in the last one year, from at least two people daily to one a week or none at all for a whole week.

It was also gathered that only Vice President Yemi Osinbajo occasionally used the wing when on a visit to Lagos while others used it only when the President was scheduled to visit and they had to fly into Lagos ahead of him.

“It is not as if some of these VIPs don’t come to Lagos; they do but most of them now prefer to fly commercial like every other person,” the source added.

Another source claimed that apart from top government officials, most other VIPs who used the wing on transit through Lagos had given out their private jets to airlines to manage on commercial basis.

Aren't these times tough enough?

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