Christmas has come early for men of the Nigeria Police.

While Labour is still battling for an increase in minimum wage for all workers in the country, the average policeman in Nigeria should be smiling right now with the assurance that they will see some increase in their take home.

The President on Monday gave his approval of rank salary structure adjustment, which now means that allowances and pension of policemen would be increased.

So happy were members of the Police Service Commission and the leadership of the Nigeria Police Force, that they visited the State House in Abuja to thank the President.

There had been calls for government to pay some attention to the welfare and operational needs of policemen in order to improve their service delivery.

President Buhari noted that it was time for the police to regain its lost glory and be at the forefront of the internal security framework of the country, instead of the military being the more trusted.

“From Taraba to Sokoto, to the South-South, people don’t feel secure until they see the military,” President Buhari was quoted as saying in a statement by his spokesman, Mr Garba Shehu.

“I am pleased to make the increase in salary and allowances in the hope that it will increase the performance index of the police and strengthen Nigeria’s internal security system.”

The President acknowledged that government and citizens will be more confident if the police becomes more efficient in their services.

“The military should be reserved for higher tasks. The police should be able to cope well with the challenges of armed robbery, kidnapping for ransom and such crimes.

“In every town and village, there is the presence of the police. From all these places, they should be able to forward first-class intelligence to you on which to act.”

“There is a need to amplify the question of more men of the police, especially given the condition we are in – emergency in the North East, pervasive insecurity and abduction for ransom and banditry in many parts of the country,” President Buhari said.

He further congratulated the police on the success they recorded against “criminals taxing people and stopping them from their farms”, adding that more is expected from them.

Workers across the country could see this as an indication that the government is not against the idea of increasing workers' salaries.

Is this a sign of better things to come for Nigerian workers?

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