Nigeria is an interesting place to be and it is more interesting when there is a push for the common good of the people.

At that point, a force suddenly knocks tribes together, with voices raised against vices or situations that appear to pose a threat to the lives of Nigerians.

May be that is what it means when you hear unity in diversity. 

On Thursday, citizens from the South East, South West, South-South and Middle Belt gathered in Enugu State in a forum tagged Handshake Across the Niger, a celebration of Igbo/Yoruba Friendship Beyond Brotherhood.

The forum organised by a pan Igbo group, Nzuko Umunna brought together Yoruba and Igbo socio-political leaders.

Demands and warnings were issued, all looking necessary, as the nation draws near to another period of political activities.


Here are a few of them.

1.   They want both Myitte Allah and Fulani herdsmen declared terrorist groups.  The sad situation witnessed in some communities in the middle belt, with Benue State having a fair share of arms-carrying herdsmen attacks triggered this demand.

2.   Minority part of Nigeria, the North West and North East, should not hold the rest of the regions to ransom by refusing to agree on restructuring Nigeria.

3.   They accused President Muhammadu Buhari of leading anti-restructuring movement and warned that if the country was not restructured before the 2019 general elections, Nigeria may be heading towards disintegration.

4.   While participants from the west spoke more about restructuring, Pro-Biafra members, made up of mostly elderly women, demanded for outright disintegration, claiming that Nigeria had not moved forward convincingly.

5.   Cheating, injustice and even corruption can only be wiped out through restructuring, they agreed.

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6.   They also alleged that President Buhari had ensured that all military and paramilitary ‎institutions were under his control, claiming that he has refused to declare herdsmen as terrorists, yet he pounced on IPOB that seeks for justice a terrorist group.

At the end of the meeting, a minute silence was observed for the victims of Benue killing by suspected herdsmen.