Fowler’s boys are not smiling.

On Monday, an enforcement team of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) sealed the premises of two Lagos companies for their alleged failure to pay taxes.

The FIRS enforcement team, led by the Assistant Manager, Legal, Ruth Mandeun, according to a statement by the agency, sealed Giandan Nigeria Limited, situated at 21 Ladoke Akintola Street, Ikeja GRA, over tax debts totalling 47.779 million Naira, and Justeen International Limited over a debt of 24.779 million Naira.

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Speaking after the exercise, Mandeun said the defaulting companies would be reopened only after they had cleared their tax arrears.

“It is quite upsetting for us to close down companies, but we just have to perform our lawful mandate. The two companies that were closed down today clearly defaulted in paying their taxes and they are fully aware of the repercussions.

“They will get to be reopened, but that is after they have cleared up their debts," she stated.

She added that the FIRS was committed to ensuring that all individuals and corporate entities pay their taxes promptly.

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