If you see anyone skipping meal, please give the person a piece of advice. 

Popular indigenous rapper, Lord of Ajasa learnt a vital lesson - "never joke with meal time".

The rapper was diagnosed with peptic ulcer and needed urgent surgery before the state of his condition was announced to the public.

In a recent interview the singer stated, that after changing hospital and treatment regime from another doctor in a private hospital in Ikeja, his condition has improved.

“Right now, I am at a private hospital in Ikeja (Lagos).

"I wasn’t getting proper care at the General Hospital Ikorodu, Lagos, and since people have begun to support me, I can now afford to get treated at a better hospital.

"I was supposed to undergo a surgery, but the doctor said I’m improving; so, I may no longer need it.

"According to them, I have been responding well to treatment and I am getting much better,” Lord Of Ajasa explained.

He said that he had a lot of people to thank both from the entertainment industry and the public.

Some of the entertainers he thanked included, Gbenga Adeyinka, Alariwo, Jah Bless, Ice K (of Artquake), 9ice and Olamide.

Explaining how he became bedridden, the ‘Le Fenu So’ singer said: “I started feeling the pain on January 1 and I thought it was the usual occurrence because I had been experiencing such pain for some time.

"Usually, the pain would just come and go. But this time, it lasted longer.

"Suddenly, I could not even stand or walk.

"Then, on the first Sunday of January, I was rushed to the hospital; I nearly collapsed.

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"I didn’t even know whether I was dead or alive.

"I vomited a lot and was in so much pain.

"However, I thank God that I am better now.

"For the two weeks that I was at the General Hospital, I couldn’t eat or drink. I was fed intravenously".

On the nature of his ailment and what caused it, Ajasa said,

“I was diagnosed with peptic ulcer and I must confess that it was partly due to my carelessness. I had been having the symptoms for a while, but I thought it was just normal pain.

My wife usually takes care of me and always prepares food for me, but during the December period, I attended a lot of shows; so, I wasn’t at home. I guess that was what triggered the attack,” he added.

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