The Kano State Pilgrims Welfare Board is reporting the death of 2 more pilgrims that took part in the 2017 Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

The Board’s spokesman, Nuhu Badamasi, gave the figure on Wednesday.

He told the News Agency of Nigeria on telephone that the deceased who were males, died in Makkah after performing their Hajj rites at the Ararat.

“The two pilgrims who lost their lives during this year’s Hajj died in Makkah after they performed the most significant Hajj rites - staying at the Arafat,” he said.

The deceased were from Dala and Doguwa local government areas and they have been buried in Makkah in accordance with the Islamic rites.

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Transportation of the state pilgrims back to Nigeria will commence on September 15, Badamasi said.

Most of the pilgrims had visited Madinah while the few that had not, were now preparing to go from Makkah.

“Almost all our pilgrims have visited Madinah with the exception of about 15 officials who are now preparing to visit the Holy city from where they will be transported back home,” the spokesman added.

At least 5,500 pilgrims from Kano State performed the Hajj.