The hairstylist has broken her silence to ‘expose’ male Barbie doll and Snapchat King/Queen, Bobrisky.

She claims that it was the Police that Bobrisky had called to arrest her, that made the Nigerian social media sensation pay for  his new hair-do.

A few days ago, the Texas based hairstylist name Lex, called out Bobrisky in a Snapchat rant for not paying for her services after she braided his "dirty" and "dandruff infested" hair.

bobrisky vs lex

Bobrisky's reply to the accusations were more vicious.

He called her names and claimed that she did not take the money on purpose so that she could find fame through him.

The cross dresser insisted that he was going to get her arrested for hating on him.

He later shared a picture of the receipt he got after crediting her bank account. He went on to cut off the said braids, to show that he is a ‘big girl’.

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