No man wants the world to see the nakedness of his wife, the treasures meant only for him, but Nurudeen has had to endure this shame for years.

His wife, Adijat Ayodeji strips herself naked in public whenever she is in a fight with neighbours.

This is a woman who has had 32 years of marriage with four grown up children.

But for Nurudeen, who is a bone setter, it is not too late to walk away, and he has approached the court to separate them.

"Ever since I married a second wife, she has been stubborn and disobedient. She is a troublesome woman, we stay in my family house and she fights all our neighbours from time to time and this has made each and every one of them to vacate the building.

“Whenever she starts fighting, she strips herself naked in front of everyone and continues to make trouble," he lamented.

The toxic relationship almost cost him his life at some point.

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"There was a day she pushed me down from a storey building, I woke up in the hospital with a broken hand. I couldn't go back home when I left the hospital afterwards, I moved into another apartment because I could not stand any of her troubles again.

“She moved to where I was and fought with my second wife and she took a big plank wanting to hit the woman on her head, but she missed her target."

Adijat denied stripping when fighting. She also denied pushing her husband down the stairs. The whole problem started when he married the second wife, who causes a lot of misunderstanding, she said.

"One of the children of my junior wife slapped me and I fainted, all my husband did was to call my family to come and carry me away from his house and he sent policemen to come and arrest me as well.

"I didn't push him down from the building, he was throwing away my belongings from his house, there is a door upstairs that is located at the far end of the corridor and the frame of the door has become very weak.

“He carried a bucket of water and wanted to throw it out from the door, he slipped and fell to the other side, I didn’t push him. She concluded

From their arguments, it was obvious that another day together could lead to loss of life. So, the court ruled that both parties should go their separate ways while the children remain in their father’s house since they are all matured.

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