Nigeria is blessed with different tribes with rich cultural heritage. We are all unique and yet in many ways the same.

As a Nigerian guy who hangs out a lot, you’ll definitely come across an assortment of babes from different parts of the country.

Nigerian girls

However, if you haven’t dated ladies from any of the following tribes, then consider yourself a learner!

1. Yoruba: Like seriously, who are you? You’ve not dated a Yoruba girl and you think you’re a sharp guy. Yoruba chicks are the queen of Owambe – a party is not complete without them. They know how to enjoy life and keep you entertained. When it comes to slaying nko? They are number one in the game. You will always be proud to have her as your girlfriend because Yoruba babes know how to represent. Even if you’re broke sef, nobody will know because she’s always looking lit. Mind you, she’s not just a pretty face – her brain sef sha pra pra and so she can match you on almost every intellectual topic.

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2. Ibibio: The Ibibios are from the southern region of Nigeria, particularly Cross River and Akwa Ibom. These babes are just fine like Mami water with their glowing skin and angelic faces. But don’t let their sweet looks deceive you, Ibibio chicks are hardworking too. They are good cooks and very homely. And when it comes to bedmatics, an Ibibio girl will show you that she’s the real Kung Fu master. 

3. Urhobo: “Warri nor dey carry last!” Urhobo babes are the real MVPs when it comes to taking care of their men. In fact, they’re loyal to a fault – you can always be sure that she’s got your back any time. Urhobo chicks have a wild sense of humour, they’re playful but also short tempered. You can’t win an argument with your Urhobo babe, so don’t even start one. If you love good food, then you need a warfi girl in your life. There’s never a dull moment with an Urhobo babe.