A lot of women seem to think that men don’t have feelings – like they don’t get hurt when they’re lied to or even become heartbroken when their relationship ends. Nothing can be further from the truth.

It hurts like crazy when you find out the girl you’ve been spending quality time with, whom you’re even considering settling down with is actually just using as her maga.

You think she loves you as much as you love her, but in truth, she’s only with you for what she can obtain from you before she moves on to her next victim. 

So let’s save some heartache and point out some signs you should look out for if you want to know whether your girlfriend is just messing with you.

How do you know if your girlfriend is just leading you on?


1. Your relationship is one-sided

It always seems like you’re the one who is more invested in the relationship than she is. She hardly keeps in touch and she even has a timeline for responding to your texts or missed calls. As if that’s not enough, she still hangs out with other guys but goes ballistic if you even dare ‘like’ another girl’s picture on Instagram.

2. You’re her ATM

Her financial needs are endless, and it doesn’t even matter that she makes her own money, she still expects you to pay for just about anything she wants. It’s normal to spend money on your girlfriend, but when it becomes a do or die affair, or she demands that you pay for expenses incurred by some of her family members, then you better start thinking twice.

3. The relationship is nameless

When she’s with you, you’re boyfriend and lover. When she’s introducing you to her friends, you’re her man. But when she has to introduce you to her family, you’re just “a friend”. How your babe introduces you to the people who matter to her, shows what she really thinks of you. So learn to read between the lines.

4. She blows hot and cold

One minute she acts like she’s deeply in love with you and can’t live without out you, next minute, she’s treating you like an annoying pest. Her mood changes with the weather and you have to literally walk on eggshells around her sometimes. Or she suddenly gets angry and won’t tell you why.