Whether you like it or not, Yoruba babes are lit! 

From their friendliness to their sense of humour and their fashion choices, it’s no surprise that they’re delightful to be with.

When it comes to parties, no one does it better than the Yorubas

These phenomenal ladies are leading the pack in nearly every industry in Nigeria today. Indeed, having a Yoruba chick as your girlfriend is a major plus for you. But before you hop off to look for one of them to ‘toast’, here are 5 interesting things you should know about dating a Yoruba babe.

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1. Owambe: If you don’t know that Yoruba women like parties, then you don’t know anything. If you want to organize an exciting party, holla at a Yoruba chick to do it for you. If you want to have an amazing time at a party, get a Yoruba babe to go with you. They’re basically the gurus of parties. An owambe groove is incomplete without Yoruba women in attendance. They are always the life of any party.

2. Eye candy: An average Yoruba lady puts a lot of importance in her looks and this why some people regard Yoruba women as being superficial. But if we’re honest with ourselves, looking good at all times is not a bad thing. After all, nobody wants to hang out with a slob. That’s why when it comes to slaying, Yoruba chicks are A+.

3. Money saver: Most Yoruba women are prudent spenders and are always looking for good deals when shopping. Why spend more if you can get nice stuff for less? Although, this doesn’t mean she can’t splurge every now and then. So when you hear the market traders calling her, alaroro, just know it’s not because she’s stingy but because she’s being prudent.

4. Diva: Yoruba babes crave attention like kilode! When you’re dating one of them, be ready to make her the centre of your universe. Face timing/video chatting, texting and calling regularly are a must so keep that at the front of your mind.

5. Pepper dem gang: Yoruba women and pepper are like 5 and 6 – they go hand in glove. If your taste buds are not used to extra spicy meals, you might want to let your babe know so that she can tone down the ‘pepperness’ of her dishes when cooking for you.