Nigerian women are unique and amazing! You just can’t take those two outstanding qualities away from them. But they can also be dramatic and sometimes very complicated too.

However, these dynamics are actually what makes them tick and different from other African women. Naija babes nor dey carry last.

Nigerian women are as beautiful as they're diverse

As a dude in the streets of Nigeria, you get to meet and tango with different ladies from different tribes and cultures. Well, no matter how many you hang out with, if you haven’t come across these 4 types of Nigerian babes, then my guy, you still be learner.

Let’s school you a little, shall we?

1. Slay queen

This one is mostly boujee – dresses over the top, rocks the longest (premium human hair) weaves/wigs, uses the latest most expensive phones and loves to party. She’s either an undergraduate in some university or a graduate with an obscure business like selling cosmetics or ladies accessories. But she low-key has a bunch of guys that actually pay for her expensive lifestyle, so don’t let her phony ‘busy-ness’ fool you. Shine your eyes!

2. Miss Independent

This one is a legit ‘Mary Jane Paul’ (Google that name if you don’t know who we’re talking about). She has all of her sh*t together – a fabulous job, her own car and an apartment in the best part of the city. She’s a career woman/successful businesswoman slaying everything she sets out to do. Her professional life comes first before anything else, so you better get in line.

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3. Mary Amaka

This is a nickname for the Miss-Two-Goody-Shoes. She’s 100 yards of wife material. She’s very religious, good natured, cooks so well and a fantastic homemaker. The downside with this one is that her end goal for dating you is for you two to get married. You will be nagged down the aisle if you’re not firm enough to say no. All of her conversation with you revolves around or somehow always leads to marriage. 

4. Sabina

Also known as ‘I Too Know (ITK)’. She has her own version of every gist you tell her. She acts like she knows everything and is 100% averse to criticism or correction. She is extra friendly to your friends and family and wants so much to be accepted by everyone. She can be very loud and annoying, but the good thing about being with this kind of babe is that there’s never a dull moment with her.