Guys, we can all agree that good girls are hard to find, so it’s understandable that the struggle to find them in the dating world is real.

It’s one thing to deliberately date a wild cat just for the thrills and the fun of it, but it’s another thing to invest your time and emotion into a relationship with a girl whom you think is 'the one', only to realise that she’s actually everybody’s girl.

Always look out for the signs

A babe can look all sweet and innocent, yet turn out to be the queen of hoes; while another can look like a bad bitch but actually be a good girl. 

So let’s share with you 4 subtle ways to know that your babe might be an olosho on the down low.

1. Her chat history is always wiped clean: If you ever gain access to her phone, you’ll realise that the only active chats she has on are convos with her family or hairdresser or the makeup seller. And these chats are brief, old and lack real juice. So you wonder how come she has hundreds of contacts, she’s always texting but there’s really nothing to show for all that. Hmm…

2. She’s never broke: You know how much she earns from her job, and you know how much you give her from time to time. But somehow, she’s able to afford certain things that are way above her pay or any coins you give her. She’s never ever broke. Hair and nails always on fleek, her closet is filled with designer everything, Uber is her personal driver. In fact, she’s a cash madam. But where is all that extra cash coming from?

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3. She uses code words and slangs when answering her calls: If it isn’t her relatives or someone you know calling her, she would switch to using codes or obscure slangs to communicate with the caller. These conversations are often brief and hurried. If she were carrying on a lengthy convo before, once she sees you coming within earshot, she abruptly ends the call. Bro, shine your eye!

4. She sexes like a porn star: When it comes to knacks dot com, your babe will give Mia Khalifa a run for her money. Even you wey be guy sef never sabi work reach where dis your aunty dey. Hian!