Igbo kwenu!

We love our Igbo brothers and sisters from South-Eastern Nigeria. They are hospitable, jovial and very industrious people. And when it comes to their women – boy oh boy! They are beautiful and brainy. It’s no wonder Naija guys all over the country are super attracted to Igbo ladies.

An Igbo bride and her friends

We can’t even begin to count the number of songs that have been composed and dedicated to these Eastern belles. From the upbeat ''Ifeoma'' by Felix Liberty in the 80s to P-Square's 2011 hit ''Beautiful Onyinye'', one can’t help but agree that Igbo babes are the real sauce where Nigerian chicks are concerned. 

Ngwanu, let’s give you some important tips to have in mind if you too are aiming to snag yourself one fine Ada in the near future.

1. Loyalty: A typical Igbo babe will ride for you till the end as long as you have her back. She is ready to plan with you and advice you when necessary. However, the moment you betray her trust by cheating on her or being dishonest, the lioness in her will come out and she will put you in your place so fast, your head will spin.

2. Luxury: Well, you know what they say about Igbo girls and money. While some of those tales are true, others are simply exaggerated for effect. Don’t forget these babes are beautiful, and it takes money to maintain that beauty. She can’t be looking like a million bucks while single and then look like a beggar when she starts dating you. Soup wey sweet, na better money kill am. Case closed!

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3. Family: The Igbos are close-knit people with strong family ties. It is not uncommon to see an Igbo lady working very hard to provide for her family because as far as she is concerned, her family comes first before anything or anyone else. So if you’re the me-and-my-woman-only kinda guy, just be ready to change to me-my-woman-and-her-family kinda guy when dating an Igbo chick.

4. Come correct: An Igbo girl can smell a ‘bullshiter’ from miles away, so don’t even try to play silly games with her. Just be yourself and lay your cards flat on the table, or else, you will be dismissed immediately without a second chance. End of story!