Valentine’s Day is practically here and we know after all the lovely gifts and expensive dinners, the next item on the agenda is some delicious lovemaking.

That’s why we think it would be great for us to share with you some interesting sex tips courtesy of the ancient book of Kama Sutra.

Contrary to popular belief, the Kama Sutra isn’t all about sex. In fact, only 20% percent of the old book written by Indian philosophers covers the topic of sex. But best believe, that small portion was written in such explicit detail to rival most porn films.

Want to try a few of the Kama Sutra styles with your boo this Valentine? Then read on.

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1. Face to face: Well, this has nothing to do with tiny rooms facing each other in one narrow bungalow. Rather, it’s a sex position in which you as a guy have to sit on your legs with your knees spread apart and then your babe sits facing you with her legs over your shoulders.

You both need to have your arms around each other for support and she lowers herself onto your organ and then you can take it up from there moving her back and forth as you both ride each other.

This position encourages deep penetration and lots of G-spot stimulation for her. Sounds like the perfect position for multiple orgasms.

2. Elevated scissors: As the name implies, it is the scissors style but a bit more technical. Your chick lies down on one side while leaning on her elbow to provide support for her head.

She bends one leg at the knee while the other is raised high giving you an opening to kneel in-between. Put her raised leg on your shoulder and ease yourself in. You have your hands free to caress her however you want while you’re both rocking together.

3. Bird’s eye view: For this style, let your woman lie down flat on her back with both legs raised up and spread wide apart. You then kneel in front of her with your legs wide apart to give you the needed support.

Hold your babe’s ankles to keep her legs open while you dive in and do your thing. From your vantage point you can watch her enjoy the grind while she has her hands free to caress her crotch and massage your thigh while you ride.