While Israel and Palestine are yet to resolve their fight over Jerusalem as capital, Guatemala are planning to relocate their embassy to the city.

Guatemala is in support of the United States in recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, after President Jimmy Morales announced he would follow Donald Trump’s controversial lead on the holy city.

In a Facebook post, Morales said he had spoken with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and that one of the most important topics of their discussion was the return of Guatemala’s embassy to Jerusalem.

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“For this reason I am informing you that I have given instructions to the foreign ministry… to make this happen.”

The foreign ministry has since taken it up from there, noting that it has begun the process.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs received the presidential order and is starting the process of implementing this foreign policy decision,” it said in a statement.

Against US’ position, 128 nations, including Nigeria, voted to maintain the international consensus that Jerusalem’s status can only be decided through peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.

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