What kind of monster goes about shooting people on the streets and streaming the incidents live on social media?

37-year-old Cleveland, Ohio man who uses Stevie Steve on social media, took to his Facebook page to post a live stream as he shot dead an elderly man at close range, and then went on to tell someone over the phone that he had already killed at least 13 people.

The video sparked immediate outrage.

Facebook pulled down Stephens’ account but not before many people had downloaded the clip and also screenshots on his page where he blamed his gambling and failed relationship with a girlfriend for the murders.

“I’m sorry team but I’m to far gone [sic] … I’m the #goodguy,” he said.

In the live stream where he killed the elderly man, Stephens said, “Found me somebody, I’m about to kill … this old dude.”

See video below (warning: very graphic):