Gun shots had startled residents of Abule Egba in the early hours of Wednesday.

They had suspected it was a gunbattle between security operatives and men of the night, but at dawn, the true picture came out. 

It was a different story entirely and one that saddens the heart.

From afar, you could see smoke billowing from the Abule Egba bridge area like a vehicle was burning. 

A young man had been killed and relatives claim officials of the Nigeria Customs Service carried out the act. 

Relatives of the dead young man had gathered in the morning, crying and mourning.

Bounce News gathered that a bus had come into Lagos State through Ogun State with bags of rice believed to have been smuggled in through Seme border.

The officials of the Customs had chased them to Abule Egba area and when they ran out of patience, they opened fire, killing the 'motor boy'.

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Angered by the killing of their relative, young men set tyres ablaze in the middle of the road under the new Abule Egba bridge, causing traffic obstruction. 

There were no customs officials at the scene, but police officials were seen around the area. 

Some bags of rice in the vehicle have been stained by blood while the vehicle's glasses have been shattered. 

Bounce News had attempted to reach the agency about the incident, but it is yet to respond as at the time of filing this report. 

However, one major source of concern is how the rice smuggles had beat customs at the border and managed to get into Lagos. 

Customs kills rice smuggler at Abule Egba
Customs kills rice smuggler at Abule Egba
Customs kills rice smuggler at Abule Egba
Customs kills rice smuggler at Abule Egba