How old are you now? By the time you clock sixty, how much exercise can your body take?

Well, as you mull over it, this story should provide some inspiration.

His name is Yane Petkov. He is from Bulgaria and he works as a swimming instructor, lifeguard and adventurer.

People say he is an answer to Houdini (the greatest escape artiste that ever lived) and Michael Phelps (the great swimmer) combined.

On Tuesday, Petkov smashed a previous record for swimming along with his hands and feet tied while fully wrapped inside a sack.

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Petkov swam 3,380 meters in Macedonia’s Lake Ohrid, beating the record of Indian fisherman Gopal Kharvi, who in 2013 swam 3,071 meters in the Indian Ocean - though not in a sack.

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The Bulgarian swimmer already had one entry in the Guinness Book of Records in 2013 with 2,030 meters, but he only held it for three months until he was overtaken by Kharvi.

Before his latest attempt, Petkov said he had planned to swim 3.5 kilometers, and Guinness observers were present for his swim, organized by the Red Cross and the waters sports clubs of Ohrid and Petric.

Petkov took around three hours to worm his way along through the water, face-up and feet first, before he emerged on the shore in the ancient town of Ohrid, a popular holiday resort.

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