“Gowon is to be blamed for the crisis in Nigeria from 1967 till date. He caused the whole crisis. He could not control the killing of the easterners as the then Head of State.”

The BZF leader, Benjamin Onwuka, expressed his view in a statement on Monday.

Onwuka was reacting to Gowon’s recent claims that the leader of the defunct Republic of Biafra, the late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, caused the war, which reportedly claimed over two million lives.

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Onwuka said it was shameful for Gowon to twist history, “even at his old age.”

“Why is he (Gowon) coming now to tell us what happened during the civil war? Why didn’t he make these declarations when Ojukwu was alive? Why did he wait until six years after Ojukwu’s demise before coming to say that Ojukwu lied? Why now?

“Gowon should produce the Aburi Accord for the world to see; let him produce the one he claims to be the genuine accord. We are challenging him.

“The Aburi Accord would have sorted out Nigeria’s problems.

"The Biafrans came up with a model – a Swiss confederation model. The East, led by Ojukwu, went prepared. Gowon went there empty. He came up with nothing.”


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