Schooling just become more fun in some states of the federation with the arrival of free lunch.

Not only the children are direct beneficiaries but mums are also rejoicing- they no longer have to pack lunch boxes.

The APC-led federal government has started fulfilling its promise to feed school children from Primary 1 to 3.

The government has announced the release of 3.77 billion Naira for the feeding of 1,287,270 school children in nine states.

An aide to the Acting President, Laolu Akande, said on Sunday in Abuja that the money was spent in Anambra, Enugu, Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Ebonyi, Zamfara, Delta and Abia states.

The states received various sums in tranches.

14,574 cooks were engaged in the communities where the schools were located.

According to Akande, the money is paid directly from the Federal government’s account to the cooks, with a slight variation in Osun State where some of the food items, such as eggs, were bought centrally by an aggregator.

The federal government plans to feed no fewer than three million pupils in 2017 alone under the feeding Programme, noted Akande.

An estimated 76, 690 pupils in 1050 schools across Anambra state would be served lunch every day at school.

Is this lunch really free and what happens if the APC is no longer in charge of the centre?