Could this be another soundbite or communication of true intentions? Time will tell.

Before Nigeria’s independence and up until the discovery of crude oil, coal mining in Enugu used to be the economic mainstay of the zone.

It even contributed significantly to the federal government’s revenue. But the advent of crude oil meant the coal mine had to be abandoned for petro-dollars.

Now, the federal government is saying it wants to revive the Enugu coal mines which have been inactive for over 40 years.

The Minister of Mines, Kayode Fayemi, told a town hall meeting that the Federal Government will conduct an audit of the mines.

Fayemi and his delegation was reported to have visited the Okpara and Onyeama mines in the State before attending the town hall meeting.

The minister explained that the Federal Government would harness the coal deposits to address the country’s power challenges.

“Our priority is coal to power generation and it is already happening. We are not unmindful of the fact that Nigeria has very abundant coal reserves and we will make sure that this is developed. That is partly why we came to look at what is doable with the Okpara and Onyeama mines, and others,” said Fayemi.