The world's most expensive football star, Neymar is subtly getting involved in politics.

While he is not directly contesting for any position in the coming elections in his country, he has given his backing to former fellow international forward Romario.

Romario a World Cup winner with Brazil is contesting in the upcoming gubernatorial elections next month.

He is running for governor of his native Rio de Janeiro in the October 7 elections.

“I’m here to say I support you. To you and all those that are with you,” Neymar, the Paris Saint-Germain striker, said in a message circulating on the internet.


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Having retired from his playing career, for the second time, in 2009, Romario was first elected a Rio deputy in 2010 and then became a senator in 2014.

He now wants to govern Rio state, which is close to bankruptcy and has seen a wave of violence since hosting the 2016 Olympic Games.

Having previously represented the center-right PSDB party, Romario is now standing for the centrist Podemos party.

The latest opinion poll by Ibope consultancy a week ago gave Romario 20 percent of the vote, just behind center-right candidate Eduardo Paes, with 23.

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