Social media and blogging taxes is becoming a fad for some certain countries.

Uganda and Tanziania have now been joined by Mozambique in making the media pay.

The country has introduced media fees for local and foreign journalists.

Local journalists will pay $2,500(900,000 Naira) for media accreditation, while foreign correspondents living in the country will be charged $8,300 (2.9million Naira) per year.

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The annual accreditation fee for Mozambican journalists reporting for foreign news outlets will be $3,500(1.2million Naira) — which is about 50 times more than the country’s minimum wage, estimated at around $70(25,200 Naira) per month.

The Mozambique’s National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) have warned the government that the imposition of licensing fees on the country’s mass media is against the fundamental right of the public to information.

The government claim that the money raised by the fee is meant to help sustain the sector, even though 60% of the money from the fees will go to the country’s budget, and the remaining 40% will go to the government’s press office.

Recently the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ana Comoana, said the decree will be discussed with interested parties before its implementation.

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