The appointment of Ondo first lady, Betty Akeredolu and her daughter, Teniola as chairperson and member, Cancer Advisory Committee has further set the government against the people.

Since the announcement was made on Friday, the people of Ondo state have been asking repeatedly if the business of the state is only meant for the governor's family.

The governor had inaugurated a 13-member committee to serve as an interface between the state government and University of Washington.

The institution has shown interest in partnering with the state to improve cancer control.

Even some of his aides seem to be at cross-lines with the governor's decision.

"We are not doubting the fact that she (Mrs Akeredolu) is a breast cancer specialist but there is a difference between a pet project and government project and that is what the governor failed to realize.

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"Indirectly, we are saying there are no capable hands in the state that can head the committee.

"You don't expect people to keep quiet with this kind of decision. They will definitely grumble, and they have a good reason for that." A top government official said.

In the same vein, a doctor in the state Ministry of Health who spoke on the condition of anonymity said it is purely a family affair.

"If you look at the constituents of the committee, you will realize that they are either family members or close allies of the governor.

"Where there is a major problem is the inclusion of mother and daughter. Mrs Akeredolu in my own view should have been completely neutral and play her role from the distance.

"As first lady, she has virtually rendered the ministry of women affairs irrelevant by undertaking all its projects plus her office and personal projects. So I don't know how she will cope as chairperson of this one."

According to the state commissioner for information, Yemi Olowolabi, Governor Akeredolu is convinced that the setting up of the cancer advisory committee will go a long way in creating more awareness, advocacy, strengthening the system and improvement of cancer control within the State.

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