If you are an intending couple and hope to get married in the Redeemed Christian Church Of God, you better read this.

Few days after causing a stir by asking intending couples willing to marry in the church to go for genital test, the church, is at it again.

This time around, the church authority has issued another round of directives on the conduct and officiating of wedding programmes, specifically targeting men with 'Taliban beards'.

In a memo dated 15 May 2018, and signed by Pastor J.F Adesola, Assistant General Overseer (Admin and Personnel), the cleric said the directives became necessary as it has received reports to the effect that certain loose practices have been adapted during the conduct of weddings in the church.

It further read that the groom and his groomsmen must be assessed to ensure they are not wearing Taliban beards which is against the doctrines of the church.

It then went on to specify that every worker or department that will officiate any wedding ceremony should appear in formal attire as they would during any other service or programme of the church.

The brides, as usual, are not left out of this new memo as it directed ministers who check the bride's outfit must also assess those of the bridesmaids to ensure that the standards of the church are not compromised.

Redeemed has made headlines in the recent past over it's stringent rules on intending couples.

See memo below: