Free internet service has been promised to Nigerians by Google, and some other free Wi-Fi spots are already existing in some cities, but an Information Technology expert, Mr Jide Awe, believes there is need for users to apply caution.

Many Nigerians are already waiting for the Google Stations to come alive, but Mr. Awe wants you to know that free Wi-Fi or even the one used at home, is prone to being hacked if proper measures are not put in place to safeguard it. 

Google had on July 27 announced that it would be rolling out Google Station in 200 locations in five cities to provide free high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots that will serve at least 10 million Nigerians. 

It is a welcome development that Awe believes will create jobs and boost Nigeria's economy, but here are a few things that the IT expert, who is the Conferences Committee Chairman, Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), wants you to apply while using such free Wi-Fi.

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1. Always think of cyber security and know that some persons that will come on the Wi-Fi may have ulterior motive. 

2. Get good security tools that will regularly update on your work station and help block any form of hacking. 

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3. Apply same principle you use for Wi-Fi in your homes when you want to use any free Wi-Fi, like creating a password that blocks off access to your device. 

4.  Getting regular updates and putting an alert for such updates can save your data from social engineering tools that people use to hack, Mr Awe added. 

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