The Christmas holiday is a big deal to Nigerians – it is not only a time to celebrate the birth of Christ, but also the time for family reunions.

The Igbos from South-Eastern Nigeria are known for travelling back home to spend the final month of the year with their extended family and kinsmen. It’s simply a season for reuniting and celebrating.This means if you’ve not been in contact with your in-laws for most of the year, you will surely be meeting with them this yuletide season.

Christmas is a time families get together

If that be the case, let’s tell you three things you can do to win your in-laws’ hearts.

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1. Share gifts: Duh! It’s Christmas, so what else would you do if not share gifts? Meanwhile, don’t give out the same gift as last year, because you’ll end up incurring your in-laws’ wrath instead of their praise. Go for items of significance that you know the recipient would find useful long after the holiday is over. Such items include but are not limited to; jewelry, fabrics, footwear, perfumes, etc. 

2. Partake in family activities: You may be the queen in your home, but when you get to your in-laws’ place, you need to get off your high horse and be fully involved in family activities. When your mother-in-law, your sisters-in-laws and the other wives in the family are in the kitchen cooking, don’t just sit back in the living room eyeballing the TV or chilling in the guest room. Go out there and partake in the cooking or whatever else everyone is getting into at the moment. Let them know you’re part of the family too.

3. Stay over: After all the cooking and eating and maybe dancing, you may begin to long for the sanctity and comfort of your own home. However, you really shouldn’t be in a hurry to leave because it would seem to everyone else like you can’t stand them any longer, so you just want to run off back to your house. Even if some of your in-laws are truly annoying and obnoxious, don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing that they’ve succeeded in driving you away. Stay back, pay attention to the good people around you and enjoy your time there as much as possible.