A road constructed in Gombe metropolis in 2013 has caused erosion problems and untold hardship to residents of Madaki quarters. 

Residents in the area said they have been suffering after about seven houses were washed away causing the death of a 12-year-old.

The erosion problem was said to have originated from the dualization of Union Bank roundabout in Gombe metropolis. 

Gwani Shu'aibu, a resident in the area whose house is at the risk of collapsing told Bounce News that the road construction company diverted the main culvert to their street.

He said, "We alerted the contractors and the Gombe state ministry of works and infrastructures over what the company did but the then commissioner of works promised us that they are coming to construct the road to link us with Yellan Guruza so as to give them way to build culvert for the diverted water."

For about six years now, nothing has been achieved rather; the people were left to suffer from the impact of erosion which has since cut off some part of their community.

Adamu Tukur, a resident in the community said “As you can see, this has caused so much damage to us as residents of this area, we have no choice other than to keep calling on our government to adhere to our plight.

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The village head of Madaki community, Muhammadu Madaki said they were assured by the state government that a road will be constructed to eliminate the problem but that never happened.

“Even the present commissioner of works and infrastructure Hassan Mohammed told us that the government is aware of the problem and that they have plans to address it, as a matter of fact, there is a special fund allocated for the road construction in the 2016 budget of the state.” 

Commenting on the issue, the commissioner said a new road has been designed to be constructed in the area.

But the state government is yet to pay compensation for houses that are to be affected by the road construction.

He said the delay is as result of lack of money to fund the project.

"Government has approved the road construction contract but we are still waiting for money to go and pay compensation and kick-start the construction works,” he said.