Chief Imam of Yaya Arabi Miyatti Mosque in Gombe metropolis Sheik Adam Muhammad Albani has threatened to prevent worshipers without Permanent Voters Cards access to the mosque.

The Imam said this during the Friday Juma’at prayer in Gombe state.

He stated that from next week the Mosque would be barricaded and that only worshipers who have PVC will be allowed access to the place of prayer.

"It is right for people who don't or even have PVC to complain or comment on what the government they didn't in favour of or even vote against is doing.

“Your permanent voter’s card is your weapon to fight bad leadership and ensure good governance for this country, so don’t relent in getting one,” he said.

He added that the country and Nigerians have both suffered enough from poor leadership. 

"I want to advice all of you here and those who are not in this Mosque to quickly go and get your PVC so we can collectively fight leaders who have deprived us social security in country.

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The Imam also has condemned the recent massacre in Plateau state.

“The massacre is un-Islamic, it is a satanic act and don't have a place in any religious beliefs neither does it have in the constitution of the country which is man-made"

He called on both the state and the federal government to make sure that all perpetrators are brought to book. 

“We appreciate the quick intervention by the federal government which has restored relative peace in the area but we want the government and security agencies to go after the persons responsible for the massacre”.

Sheik Albani admonished Muslims to live in peace with their neighbors of different faith as that is the best teachings of Islam. 

He added that Muslims should remember that there is no verse in their Holy book of Qur’an that encourages killing or breakdown of law and order.

He also expressed sympathy to those affected by the fuel tanker explosion that killed 9 people and destroyed 54 vehicles at Otedola Bridge on Lagos-Ibadan expressway on Thursday. 

He said, “When there’s so much pains like this which is overwhelming for families, we want to say to the victims’ families that they are not alone, we feel sorry and we are with them.”

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